Finding Flooring For A Beautiful Home

Finding Flooring For A Beautiful Home

Common Pitfalls To Avoid When Installing Hardwood Floors

by Janet Robinson

Installing hardwood flooring is a proven way to increase the beauty and value of your home, but it can be daunting and overwhelming if you're new to it. 

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when installing hardwood floors.

Assuming All Wood Floors Are Created Equal

One of the common hardwood flooring misconceptions to avoid is that all hardwood is created the same. Far from it, this type of flooring comes in a selection of wood types, wood grain, colors, and finishes to suit the requirements of different homeowners.

The two main types of hardwood flooring available are solid and engineered wood. The primary difference between the two is that solid hardwood is made of natural hardwood all the way through while only the top layer of engineered hardwood is made of real hardwood.

Generally, engineered hardwood is a cheaper alternative to solid hardwood and is preferred when solid wood is not appropriate due to the high risk of moisture damage. However, it tends to sound and feel more hollow when you walk on it.

Not Preparing Your Subfloor for Hardwood Floor Installation

A smooth, level subfloor is necessary for a successful hardwood floor installation. Before laying the flooring, remove any existing floor covering and inspect the subfloor to check for damage. If intact, level the surface and remove any debris. 

Once the subfloor is clean, install a waterproofing barrier and an underlayment (if your hardwood flooring does not come with one).

Finally, allow the subfloor and underlayment to acclimate to the space before installing the flooring.

Not Acclimating the Wood to Its New Environment

The temperature and humidity levels inside your home are different from where your hardwood was manufactured and stored. For this reason, it's important to acclimate the wood to its new environment before installation. You can do this by bringing your wood supplies on-site ahead of time.

If you don't do this, the wood can warp and buckle after installation, ruining your new floors.

Disregarding the Need for Professional Installation

While you may be tempted to install your hardwood flooring yourself, it's recommended that you hire a professional for the job, unless you are experienced in wood flooring installation.

Aside from achieving quality results, you may require professional installation to preserve your warranty on your hardwood flooring products.

Careful consideration and proper planning are essential to achieve great results and maximize your investment when installing hardwood flooring in your home.

Contact a professional hardwood floor installation service near you for a cost estimate of your roof.


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Finding Flooring For A Beautiful Home

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