Finding Flooring For A Beautiful Home

Finding Flooring For A Beautiful Home

How To Choose The Right Types Of Tiles For Your Bathroom

by Janet Robinson

If your bathroom needs new tiles, this is not something that you should overlook. Your bathroom experiences a lot of foot traffic and you will want to make sure that your tiles are durable enough to resist the damage that comes from this. Your tiles also need to be able to resist the high level of moisture commonly found in a bathroom.

Water Resistance

If you are concerned with whether your floors are water-resistant, one of the best options is ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles. Regardless of how you would like your floor to look, your ceramic tiles can be designed to where they match that style.

The tiles will also have grout lines that are designed to make them more resistant to water. You'll want larger tiles rather than smaller tiles with a lot of grout lines because smaller tiles will make the bathroom look smaller and more cluttered. If you're concerned about water resistance, make sure to consult with a tile installer.

Size and Slip-Resistance

Large tiles are quite trendy. They also give you more flexibility because you can cut the same tiles into smaller sizes for certain areas. The smaller tiles may be used for a backsplash or for a shower area. The small tiles are ideal for locations where you are concerned with slip protection because there will be more surface variation.

Marble tiles have the least traction and may counteract these effects. They are not recommended for bathrooms used by the elderly. You can use more than one type of tile if you want to use marble, but do not use more than three types of tiles. A tile store will help you find the perfect tile for your bathroom.

Choose One Gorgeous Eye-Catching Tile

You will want to start with the type of tile that you must have. By choosing which type of tile you can't do without, you ensure that the other tiles fit in well with your ideal tile.

If you have a tile that is very beautiful, use it as a focal point for the rest of your bathroom. This allows you to add personality to your bathroom and you can choose tiles that will make this space look timeless. Limiting your most stunning tiles to only one section will help you save money since these types of tiles tend to be more expensive. Tile installation specialists can give you a good idea about what type of tile would be the best for you. Contact a tile installation service for more information. 


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Finding Flooring For A Beautiful Home

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