Finding Flooring For A Beautiful Home

Finding Flooring For A Beautiful Home

Restoring The Appearance Of Your Discolored Brick Flooring

by Janet Robinson

Brick flooring is known for its attractive coloring and durability. Yet, it can be vulnerable to developing stains on it that could take away from the overall attractiveness of the floor. Removing years of staining may not seem like it will be an easy process, but acid brick cleaning solutions can often make quick work of these discolorations.

How Will The Acid Brick Cleaning Solution Restore The Color Of The Brick?

Acid brick cleaners are extremely acidic, and this intense acidity can actually cause the surface of the brick and mortar to break down. As this occurs, it will expose the fresh layer of brick underneath it so that the appearance of the brick can be restored. This is in contrast to power washing or other options as the acid will actually remove the surface of the brick rather than simply lifting out the pigments.

Is It Safe To Use Acid Brick Cleaning Products?

The extreme acidity of these cleaning products means that you will need to follow some safety steps when using them. At a minimum, this will need to involve wearing safety goggles, protective handwear, and thoroughly ventilating the area that is being treated with the acid. Some individuals may not feel comfortable attempting this type of work on their own homes, and if you happen to have these worries, there are brick restoration services that will be able to safely perform the acid wash of the brick for you. You may still be responsible for moving your furniture and other items out of the room that is going to undergo the acid restoration process.

How Long Will The Acid Brick Cleaning Process Need Before You Can Move Your Furniture Back Into The Area?

Having any major flooring work done to your home or business can be a major undertaking as a result of the need to move all of the equipment and furniture that may be on the floor. Luckily, the process of acid washing the brick flooring is unlikely to take longer than a few hours to complete for most moderate-sized rooms. However, you will want to wait until the brick has fully dried before you move the furniture and equipment back into the area. Failing to do this could trap some of the moisture against the brick for longer than is recommended, and this may lead to the brick deteriorating. Using fans and other systems to increase air circulation is one strategy for increasing the evaporation rate of the brick flooring in your building.

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Finding Flooring For A Beautiful Home

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