Finding Flooring For A Beautiful Home

Finding Flooring For A Beautiful Home

Recommendations to Protect and Keep up Your Home's Hardwood Floors

by Janet Robinson

Keeping your home's interior in great shape is key to protecting your home investment and helping to avoid additional costs. Here are some recommendations for you to take care of and keep your hardwood floors shiny and beautiful in appearance and condition.

Use Protection Strategies

Your hardwood floors are a large investment inside your home and they should last for many years as long as you take care of them properly. When they receive regular wear and tear, however, they can come into contact with and be exposed to some pretty harsh conditions that may affect their appearance and the protective layer of finish. 

First off, be sure to use a dry mop on your floors each day and a broom to pick up particles of dirt and crumbs that fall on your floor with regular use. Dirt and other rough-edged particles that get tracked onto your floor will act like small razor blades on your floor, leaving tiny scratches that over time will leave the finish looking dull and your floors in need of refinishing.

Next, you should lay down a rubber-backed rug on areas of your floor that receive heavy traffic, especially around corners and in entryways. If you have pets in the house, keep their nails trimmed so they don't contribute scratches to the surface.

Place protective pads under the furniture legs of your heavy pieces or items with sharp edges, such as kitchen chairs, tables, couches, and other items you may move around your hardwood floors. These protective pads will prevent scratches on your wood floor finish.

Clean and Shine Them

Your hardwood floors have their own gleaming surface that is kept up with continued protection, cleaning, and maintenance to prevent scratches. However, you can also apply cleaning techniques to restore any shine that is lost over time due to wear and dirt. You may notice areas that receive a lot of foot traffic, for example, will look dull in appearance. But you can clean and restore the surface shine with some regular household products.

Mix a cleaning and shine application with a couple of cups of warm water mixed with a splash of olive oil and a splash of white vinegar. You can mix in a few drops of your essential oil to give the room a great odor. Mix this into a spray bottle or squirt bottle and apply it onto the hardwood floor. Use a dry cloth or a microfiber mop to apply the cleaning mixture onto the floor to remove dull build-up and restore the shine.

For further insight, contact hardwood flooring contractors. 


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Finding Flooring For A Beautiful Home

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