Finding Flooring For A Beautiful Home

Finding Flooring For A Beautiful Home

Installing Marble Flooring? What You Need To Know

by Janet Robinson

If you are looking into new flooring, natural stone is a popular option. Stone floors are unique and often provide an upscale look. When it comes to natural stone flooring, there are various options to consider. Marble floor tiles are a favorite of many homeowners. They are classic and work well in any area of a home. This type of flooring also offers more versatility than you may imagine. If you are installing marble flooring, here is what you need to know.

The Types Of Marble

The first thing that you need to do when looking at marble tiles is a little bit of research. Knowing what options are available and what will fit within your budget is essential when installing marble tile floors. Marble comes in grades ranging from A to D, with grade A marble typically being the priciest option. Marble also is available in colors ranging from white or cream to tan, red, or even green. Tiles come in different sizes and styles as well. Knowing what options are available is the first step to finding marble floor tiles that will work for your home.

How Much It Will Cost

The cost of your marble tile floor will mainly depend on two things, the cost of labor and the type of marble you choose. The cost of a marble tile floor ranges between $9 and $20 per square foot, on average. However, high-end marble tile floors can cost much more. High-end marble tiles alone can cost between $10 and $40 per square foot. Custom installation and craftwork for a high-end marble tile floor will add even more to your total costs. The good news is that you will likely be able to find marble tiles and labor that is within your budget. 

What Maintenance Will Look Like

Before you install any type of flooring, you need to be prepared to maintain it. Marble tiles do require periodic maintenance beyond what you may need to do for other types of flooring. Since marble is porous, it can stain if a sealant is not present. Sealing your marble floors is something that will need to be done once or twice per year to keep your floors looking great. A sealer will protect your investment from damage. 

If you are installing marble tile floors, here's what you need to know. First, there are different types of marble to choose from, and it's important to do your research when looking for tiles. Marble flooring comes in at various price points, and you'll likely find multiple options within your budget. Finally, marble does require maintenance. You will need to seal your floors at least once a year. 


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Finding Flooring For A Beautiful Home

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