Finding Flooring For A Beautiful Home

Finding Flooring For A Beautiful Home

5 Tips And Tricks To Help Choose And Install French White Oak Floors

by Janet Robinson

Install new hardwood flooring in your home for attractive luxury floors. When it comes to hardwood materials, there are several options that you may want to consider. French white oak materials are one of the best options because of affordability and durability. Therefore, you probably want to know different options for installing, finishing, and caring for your new oak flooring. If you are looking for French oak tips and tricks, the following information will help you:

  • Choose the Size of The Hardwood Planks—The first thing that you will want to choose is the size of the French oak flooring planks. Conventional hardwood flooring materials are usually narrower, but there are other options. Rather than the traditional materials, you may want to consider using wide-plank oak materials to give your new floors a unique, custom look.
  • Keep the Colors Light For an Attractive Finish—The light color of French white oaks is one of the features that make it such a great material. In modern designs, the lighter colors can be used to contrast dark details, such as cabinet doors, hardware, and countertop surfaces. To get the most out of your white oak hardwood, use stains, and colors that preserve the light tones of the wood and highlight the grain.
  • Create Patterns and Designs in Oak Floors—There are also less conventional solutions that can be used when installing new hardwood flooring. These patterns can be created with different lengths and widths of oak planks. Consider options like mosaics, herringbone patterns, and other decorative custom floor designs.
  • Use Flooring Designs to Divide Open Spaces—Flooring can be continuous and monotonous if it continues through the open spaces in your home. Therefore, if your interior has an open concept design, you want features in flooring that help separate spaces. This can be done with the white oak material using methods that include:
    • Borders to separate spaces
    • Installation in different directions
    • Using unique designs in different spaces
    • Finishing the oak differently to separate spaces

These are the different ways that you can separate open living space with the design of your French oak floor installation.

  • Care for Oak Floors for Longer-Lasting Finish—The care of your oak floors is also something that you want to consider. Make sure to regularly clean the floors with an oil-based product that seals and protects the wood. It is also important to routinely inspect the floors for damage and have it repaired before it gets severe.

These tips and tricks give you more out of your investment in new hardwood floors. If you are ready to renovate your home with new floors, contact a French white oak hardwood flooring supplier to start planning the flooring for your home.  


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Finding Flooring For A Beautiful Home

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