Finding Flooring For A Beautiful Home

Finding Flooring For A Beautiful Home

Got An Indoor Track That Looks A Little Rough? How To Fix It

by Janet Robinson

Hardcore runners will run in rain, snow, sleet, and the dead of night. Everybody else runs indoors when the weather is bad. That said, having an indoor track that looks inviting to people who want to walk or run regardless of the weather is essential to your gym or fitness center. If your track is looking a little haggard, here is how you can fix it. 

Find a Flooring Company That Specializes in Latex and Rubberized Coverings for Hard Floor Surfaces

There is a good chance that the floor under your track is concrete. Most floors in commercial properties are concrete because concrete is quick and easy to pour when you are erecting a commercial building of any kind. That said, the surface of the track you have is probably either latex or rubberized coating over concrete. You will need to find and hire a flooring company that specializes in these types of floor coverings over concrete. 

Close the Track for a Week to Begin the Work

Your gym/fitness center guests will have to find somewhere else to run or walk for about a week. During that week, the company you hired to resurface the track will pull up and scrape up the current track surface to expose the concrete floor underneath. The whole surface will have to be scraped clean before the new track surface is poured and installed. Then, depending on whether your center chose latex or a rubberized coating, the workers will lay down one layer of latex, wait for it to dry, and then put down a few more layers to cushion things up a bit. With the rubberized coating, it is generally thick enough already that the track will only need one to two coats. 

When the Track Surface Is Done, Track Re-striping Is Next

The final step in the process is putting down track striping. This the process where the track receives its individual track lanes all the way around the track, from the outer edge to the predetermined inner circle. Usually, one machine with several brushes on an extension pulled behind the machine manages the striping in one fell swoop. The paint has to dry completely before your gym or fitness center can reopen to the guests. It does not take long, however; a day, tops. Then your track will look absolutely brand-new, and all the guests will want to see it and try it out for themselves. 

For more information, you will want to contact a company such as General Sports Surfaces.


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Finding Flooring For A Beautiful Home

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