Finding Flooring For A Beautiful Home

Finding Flooring For A Beautiful Home

3 Things To Know Before Buying Concrete Floor Tiles For Your Bathroom

by Janet Robinson

If you've decided to look past the traditional options for buying flooring for your bathroom, you might have decided that ideas like vinyl, linoleum and ceramic tiles aren't what you want. Cement tiles are an exciting option that have been around for a long time. They can be a superb choice for your bathroom, but you and your family will want to know these three things first.

1. They're Not as Slippery

Many people decide against ceramic tile flooring for their bathrooms because it's so slippery. Even though it's beautiful, you don't want to feel like you're going to slip and slide all over your bathroom when you get out of the shower. You might be particularly concerned about this if you have a family.

Concrete floor tiles are not as slippery as concrete floor tiles. This makes them a safer option for family homes. Of course, you may still feel more comfortable putting a bath rug down to take an extra step against accidents and to provide a cushier and softer option for your feet.

2. They're Thicker

Ceramic tiles are often rather thin. Concrete floor tiles are often a bit thicker. This can present some challenges, such as if you're installing it directly on top of the existing flooring in your bathroom. Make sure that you take your measurements carefully, and be prepared to remove any existing flooring materials so that you'll get a proper fit, particularly in tight spaces.

The fact that concrete floor tiles are thicker than ceramic floor tiles isn't all bad, though. They do provide better insulation. Many people dislike the idea of installing ceramic tile in the bathroom because it is often very cold to the feet, but concrete flooring isn't as cold. This is more comfortable when you're getting out of the shower or when you're walking barefoot into the bathroom on a cold winter day. It helps with heating costs as well.

3. They Come in Many Patterns

When you first started shopping for concrete tiles, you might have been amazed by the patterns that you saw. This makes it easy to jump the gun and fall in love with one of the first tile patterns that you see. Don't do this, or you might regret it later. Since concrete floor tiles come in a vast number of patterns, taking a look at lots of these patterns before buying can help you avoid missing out.

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Finding Flooring For A Beautiful Home

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