Finding Flooring For A Beautiful Home

Finding Flooring For A Beautiful Home

3 Reasons To Consider Dark Carpet In Your Home

by Janet Robinson

If you are thinking of redoing your carpet for something fresh, contemporary, and best of all, clean and free of stains, then you are likely wondering what shade of carpet you should choose. Carpet for home use typically comes in neutral colors, such as tan or other variation of brown, but can also be purchased in darker tones, such as charcoal, shades of varying grays or blacks, or even a solid navy or black.

Don't be intimidated by dark carpet. There are many reasons going with a darker shade of carpeting can be beneficial for your home, particularly if you are worried about stains or keeping your carpet looking nice. Here are 3 reasons to consider dark carpet for your home, and which shades are best worth your time:

Darker shades hide debris

The darker the carpet, the greater the debris-hiding qualities it has. This is especially true if your carpeting has thicker, longer fibers. Carpet that can hide dust, pet hair, dander, and other debris appears cleaner even if it hasn't been vacuumed in a few days. If you want a carpet that hides debris, look for multi-colored strands of fibers in dark gray to a rich navy.

Darker carpet looks more modern

The more rich and dark your carpet is, the more modern your home can appear to be. Black, pewter, charcoal, and rich navy or other blue shades are often unexpected in the home, making the choosing of this type of carpeting more daring. Make a room striking by adding black carpeting to living areas, dining rooms, or even family rooms. Accent black or very dark carpet with gold furnishings or cream rugs to make the hue truly stand out.

Dark carpet 'wears' better

The lighter the carpet, the more stains, high traffic areas, and bald spots are easily seen. This is often not the case with dark carpet. The sheer richness of color can give the illusion of greater wear, which can allow you to enjoy your carpeting just as it is for much longer. The best way to make any shade of carpet last longer is to have it regularly shampooed and cleaned professionally.

Dark carpet has many benefits that you can enjoy in the home. You can hide stains and debris better, give your home a more modern, streamlined appeal, and give your home an updated appearance. Your local home supply store will have many varieties of dark carpet you can choose from.

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Finding Flooring For A Beautiful Home

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